Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bath Tub Lift in Franklin, WI

The Bath Tub Lift got here in one day.... My wife LOVES it. Our tub has a course non-slip bottom. The chair works good with that . The suction cups do not hold real firm, but the chair is stable. (use common sense) My wife sits on the bottom and tilts the back to her comfort. Getting out is easy. Raise the chair to the desired height, grab the handicap bar and get out. By the way, my wife is 81 years old and has several artificial joints and a bad back. I appreciate help and concern that you have shown. ... It is nice to call and get a person on the phone that know what they are talking about.
Bud H Franklin, WI

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bathtub lift in Fredeicktown, MO

I purchased a bathtub lift for my mother and she is in such a good mood! Because of this I currently hold the "Best daughter Ever" title! The reason why she is so happy is because this is the first bath that she is taking in over 6 months.
On top of that, she can do it independently, with ease, and security. We are both very satisfied with RampNOW and our bath tub lift. I will not hesitate to tell all my friends and family about our experience.
Keziah B. Fredricktown, MO

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sterling Stair Lift helps Batavia, IL man stay put

The Sterling 950 stair lift has made it possible for me to "stay put". I don't want to move, and now I don't have to.
Mike R  Batavia, IL

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sterling 950 stair lift in Barrington, IL

The Sterling Simplicity 950 has proven itself time and again.We have had it for 5 plus years and have only needed one service. I wish our BMW was as reliable.
Phil and Beth L   Barrington, IL

Curved Stair Lift in Aurora, IL

That Sterling 2000 curved lift works great. Your price was lower than Bruno, Stannah and Acorn. It's great to know that you answer the phones all of the time too. I called on Saturday morning and you had a real person answer my questions.

Terri S    Aurora, IL

Friday, January 17, 2014

Used Stair Lift Arlington Heights

The stair lifts we bought from you worked wonderfully. My parents were able to stay in their home for an extra five years. I'm glad that your company bought back the stair lifts so that someone else was able to use them.

Susan O.    Arlington Heights, IL

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Outdoor Stairlift in Chicago

The Outdoor Stair Lift has been so helpful. I'm now able to get my father to dialysis. This is so much easier than before, you wouln't believe it.

Susan O      Chicago, IL