Friday, October 25, 2013

I wish I bought from RampNOW

A dealer out of Grayslake promised me a better deal and I went with his company. I wish that I had bought from RampNOW. The Bruno stair lift he installed is noisy and hasn't worked properly since day 1.

George K    Hinsdale, IL

Rent a wheelchair Ramp and stair lift in Hinsdale

For the few months that Dad was visiting, I needed to make my home wheelchair accessible. The ramp rental program made is easy for him to get in and out of the house. If I ever need a ramp or stair lift again, I won't hesitate to call you.

John N    Hinsdale, IL

stair lift and bath tub lift in Glenview

That Sterling 950 stair lift makes it so easy to get to the master bath. The bath tub lift is wonderful too!
Ken V  Glenview, IL

Glenview wheelchair ramp

The portable wheelchair ramp is exactly what I needed. Thanks for saving me money.
Gloria Z     Glenview, IL

THe lowest priced wheelchair ramp in Glen Ellyn

RampNOW sent someone out to make a quote the day that I called. In 15 minutes, Nate was able to show me exactly where the wheelchair ramp would sit. He was also able to give me quotes for rental and purchase on the spot. Other companies wanted to take up to a week to tell me their quotes. The RampNOW quote was the lowest one!

Joanne J     Glen Ellyn, IL

Glen Ellyn stair chair lift

You have friendly, efficient and competent company to work with. We had to install a stair chair lift in a hurry and you were able to respond very quickly and we are happy with the results. Carlos was great to work with - really liked his "can-do" attitude!

Lee M  Glen Ellyn, IL

Thursday, October 24, 2013

No need to panic. Fast ramp service in Evanston.

I had no idea that your crew would be able to put up the ramp so quickly. Thank you for responding. When they told mne dad would be coming home so soon, I was panicking. Thanks again.

Robert P     Evanston, IL

Evanston Used Stair Lift

That Certified Sterling 950 works great. You saved us a lot of money. I can't even tell it is used!

Peter C    Evanston, IL

Elmhurst wheelchair ramp and stair lift rental

The ramp that we rented from you is just as advertised. Your crew erected it quickly and it is solid as can be.
Jim H     Elmhurst, IL

Reliable stair lift - St Charles

It's hard to believe that I have had this Stair Lift since 2007. It has made my life so much easier. In all these years, it has required little service. I'm always surprised at the level of courtesy and service you provide.
Dave T   St Charles, IL

You rent very nice stair lifts - Crystal Lake

I'm so glad that you rent new stair lifts in Crystal Lake. The other company I talked to wanted to install an ancient looking machine that looked like it had been through the Battle of Hastings. Your crew installed a brand new stair lift that was modern, folded up small and was attractive.
Bill F  Crystal Lake, IL

Bath tub lift beats a walk in tub - Arlington Heights

I love my bath tub lift. I thought I would have to buy one of those expensive walk in tubs. This is so much nicer than the walk in tub my sister bought.
Barbara H      Arlington Heights

VA recommended RampNOW - just what the Dr ordered

The VA recommended RampNOW and I'm glad that they did. The ramp is just what the Doctor ordered.
James G       Arlington Heights

Honest stair lift and ramp company in Chicago

Thank you John for all you have done for us.  I'm sure I'll be calling you in the future. It was great doing business with such an honest man.  Maggie M. Chicago, IL

Naperville - rented a wheel chair ramp

I rented a modular ramp system from RampNOW. The ramp and platform system were incredibly sturdy and rugged. I were able to safely get my mother's wheelchair in and out of the house. I was happy that I didn't have to build a permanent structure.
Robert C   Naperville, IL

Best Bargain Stair Lift in Buffalo Grove

I was going to rent a stairlift from another company but when I compared your rental equipment to theirs, I knew why you rent more than anyone else. Your lifts are all modern, quiet and new. Their rental lifts were old, filthy and bulky, and noisy beyond belief.
Bob W   Buffalo Grove, IL

The stairlift works great

The Sterling 950 stair lift works great. I'll be referring all my friends to RampNOW
Lawrence B    Aurora, IL

Ramp is not slippery in the winter - Batavia

The ramp is really nice. I'm so glad that it doesn't get slippery in the winter. Thanks for your service.
Mary T    Batavia, IL

Stair lift installed quickly in Geneva

Thanks for getting the stair lift installed so quickly. I thought it would take several days. RampNOW installed my new lift the next day.
Kathy O    Geneva, IL

Sterling stairlift rented in Arlington Heights

I'm so glad that you have your stair lift rental service. The Sterling stair lift folds up so small we hardly even noticed it on the stairs. It looked like new.
Robert W    Arlington Heights, IL

North Barrington rent a ramp

The wheelchair ramp that you installed in the garage was exactly what we needed. It is sturdy and makes life easy.
Lynn G    North Barrington, IL

Rented a wheelchair ramp in Barrington

love your wheelchair ramp rental service! It was there when I needed it and it was gone as soon as I was done with it.
Mimi C    Barrington, IL

Love that bathtub lift

This bath tub lift is sooooooo nice. I just love it. So nice and so much more affordable than a walk in bath tub
Melinda I    Country Club Hills, IL

Carolmn Stream Wheelchair ramp and stair lift

I'm very happy that you recommended the modular wheelchair ramp. I was planning on building a wooden behemoth that would have been a permanent addition to my home. You pointed out how, with your removable modular ramp system, the value of my home was protected. You were right.
Bob C     Carol Stream, IL

Rent to own stair lift in Country Club Hills

I'm so glad you offer the Rent-To-Own stair lift program. All the other companies wanted me to pay for the whole thing up front. I think you do a great service for our community.
Iona G   Country Club Hills, IL

Portable wheelchair ramp rental in Crystal Lake

I really like my portable wheelchair ramp. I can fold it up and put it in the minivan. Getting around is easy again.
Mike C      Crystal Lake, IL

Best Chicago stair lift service

Sorry for not answering sooner. I would like to mention that from the very 'get go' I was very pleased with the Rampnow service. You and your team were prompt and very attentive to my parents needs. They are an elderly couple trying to still be independent. With the installation of the stairlift that goal can be a little bit easier to achieve.
As for pricing, your company was by far the most affordable. Which for someone on a fixed income is VITAL.
Thank you for everything.
J. Raul Mendieta    Chicago, IL

Stairlift in St Charles, IL

The stair lift has been a godsend. It makes life so much easier
Ted A   St Charles, IL

Downers Grove wheelchair ramp

We purchased the accessibility equipment that we needed last November. We really intended to use it for several years. Unfortunately, my dear Rose passed away. I'm glad that you agreed to buy back the wheelchair ramp and the stair lift.
Frank B      Downers Grove, IL

Plainfield Stairlift

We rented two stairlifts from you while Mom was in the later stages of her cancer. I'm so glad that we had the lifts installed. They made her comfortable. Thank you.
Penny L    Plainfield, IL

Sterling 950 stair lift in New Lenox / Joliet area

I liked the Sterling 950 electric chair lift so much that I insisted my parents get one in their Plainfield, IL house. Mine has made my life so much easier.
Jim U    New Lenox, IL

Elgin stair lift

Our stairs are a little bit longer than most. The other stair lift companies I called weren't sure they could safely install an extended length stairlift. Nate, your technician, assured us it would work fine. I'm so happy we called you.
John B   Elgin, IL