Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to shop for used stairlifts part 2

2. Develop a plan:

Many people do not have a plan in place when making their decision on what kind a of stair lift they either want or need. It’s similar to those who are wanting to remodel their living room and go to a store and buy random furniture and decorations, only to go back home, put it all together and realize that nothing matches or works quite how they thought it would. A few questions to ask yourself in planning for a used stair lift are: Are the stairs indoor or outdoor? Are they straight or do they curve? How wide is the staircase? What is the overall length of the staircase? Do you want to install this yourself or have someone else install it? Is the person using this above or under 350 lb? Which operating system are you looking for: rack and pinion, drum and cable, or worm gear? Do you want a stair lift that folds up thereby creating more space on the stairs, or something that is stationary and blocks the staircase? Does it carry any sort of warranty? These are all great questions to ask yourself ahead of time so that you are prepared and have a plan in place before you purchase.

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